About the Contest


Educators in public, private or home schools who work with students grades 5–8


Build a new interactive branching web comic with Comic-BEE around the importance of strong passwords when creating accounts online and then submit it into the contest


Beginning May 1 through September 6, 2019

What You Will Create

Branching, interactive graphic stories –web comics– allow readers to make choices on behalf of a character and see the positive or negative outcome of those choices. You will create a branching comic using the Comic-BEE platform with different scenes and different endings for your students to select as they learn. And the best part is…you don’t need to be able to draw! Comic-BEE includes a wide range of full color graphic assets including different characters and props.


Grand Prize

$1000 plus $500 gift card for school supplies

3 Runners Up

$750 plus $250 gift card for school supplies

All Participants

Read access to the 4 winning comics to share with your students!

Sample Lesson Plan

Sample Comic

Comic-BEE Blog

What is a Branching Web Comic?

Branching, interactive graphic stories –web comics– are a relative of “choose your own adventure” stories. Long a favorite of bored parents, these stories allow a child to make choices on behalf of a character, causing the story to follow a variety of branches that…

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Why Use Branching Web Comics for Cybersecurity Education?

Nearly a decade ago, the Secure Decisions team created branching, graphic comics by hand for a cybersecurity education research project. The resulting web comics were well received but fairly expensive to create: each one took about a man month of time, and required…

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How Do You Create a Branching Web Comic with Comic-BEE?

The process of creating a published comic or graphic novel like those you buy at a bookstore typically begins with developing the story details and characters, then creating the visual presentation. This latter step is often a two part process: first creating a quick…

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See how easy it is to create a comic – watch the tutorial series.

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